PMD Services, LLC, founded in 2006, is a leading independent service provider for the Computerized Tomography and Magnetic Resonance scanners community, with Multi OEM serviceability. Providing outstanding service and equipment options. Because no two facilities are alike we can offer total solutions, and asset management to fit your unique needs. For your entire CT and MRI imaging needs, contact us today.

PMD Services, LLC has over 20 years experience in servicing CT and MRI scanners nationwide. OEM trained to service GE, Siemens, Toshiba, and Philips/Marconi/Picker systems. One of the only Independent Service companies in Kentucky and the surrounding Bluegrass area providing service for hospitals, clinics and private offices. Our service has been in facilities like Georgetown University Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, John Hopkins Hospital, and other top hospitals in the nation.

So many companies compete today to sell you equipment, making it hard to know which broker is the right one to use. PMD Services aligns itself with only the top reputable brokers and refurbishers available minimizing your time to sort through the vast amounts of equipment available for purchase. PMD Services can handle all of your unique requirements from beginning to end. Our service does not stop there. We provide full equipment warranties, consulting on the equipment that is right for your facility, ensuring smooth installation and unprecedented service after the installation. Dedicated to keeping your system in top condition, we provide part sourcing from the top suppliers in the nation at a most reasonable cost.

Nationwide service contracts are available. When the OEM prices are too much, call or contact us. We believe we can save you money and still provide quality service.

Remote Diagnostic Connectivity is now available for MR and CT, allowing earlier diagnosis of equipment and part ordering before engineer arrives on site

We invite you to contact us when you need MRI or CT repair services in Kentucky.


  • Cryogen service programs utilizing Praxair, a nationwide leader in medical-grade cryogen supplies
  • Coldhead/Compressor replacement and repair services. We use Sumitomo certified Coldheads and Compressors rebuilt at their facility.
  • Dunlee, the leader in X-ray tube manufacturing and technology
  • Patient comfort stereo systems for MRI
  • Coil repair
  • Installations
  • De-installations
  • Equipment evaluations
  • Equipment Sales and Purchasing
  • Commisioning and Decommisioninng (Ramping) services
  • Magnet Shimming services